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Club Fitting Services

Customized golf clubs will make your golf game more enjoyable and help you play and score better.

What are custom fitted golf clubs? The simple explanation is that you can buy clubs that are specific to you. Having the correct club allows you to swing more naturally and in balance with less effort. Specifically, all the parts of the club are built for you:

  • The type of club-head you need
  • The length of each club
  • The weight, type, and flex of the shaft
  • The “lie angle”, which is the way the club rests on the ground
  • The type and size of the grip
  • The make up of the set, including woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putter

The process of “getting fitted” entails an appointment where you will hit shots with different clubs. They will be put together from club companies’ components, to measure and see which ones are best for you.  This is a fun and interesting process for golfers. They can see and feel the differences of each club.  One of the great things about doing a club-fitting with us is the ability to get the best of both worlds.

Professional Golf Club fittings are available by appointment. You can reach Chandler at 970-888-1089 or at

Fittings: $95
($47.50 back with purchase)

Utilize the worlds best launch monitor, Trackman 4 with Doppler radar technology to get the best possible fitting for your woods and irons. Trackman measures (and sees) the full flight of the ball from impact to landing, and monitors three-dimensional club-head movement. Don't guess what steps to take to improve your set, Know. The Golf Professional will give you recommendations for: Club-head type, shaft, flex, length, lie angle, loft, grip, and set make up.

Callaway & Ping Fitting Carts

Indoor Golf Performance Center
520 West 69th Street
Loveland, CO 80538