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Open Year-Round

Our indoor facilities are open all year long, and our state of the art studio is perfect for video and launch monitor swing analysis.

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Elite Technology

Our instructors conduct lessons using the latest & best technology, helping students achieve their highest potential.

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Lesson Packages

Choose from one of our 'out of the box' lesson packages, or talk to one of our instructors to customize a package for your goals.

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Trackman 4 Technology is the world leader in golf swing analysis. We have it here, and it's included in all our video lessons.

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Club Fitting

Our professional Club Fitting and Club Repair Services will ensure you get every possible advantage out of your unique swing.

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Better Performance Through Proven Processes

golfDYNAMICS is the leading golf technology center in Colorado, with instruction focused on training, educating, and empowering students to harness their talents, strengths, and abilities. We achieve top-level results by utilizing the most cutting-edge technology available today, coupled with our mastery of that technology that stems from over 50 combined years of experience from our 2 lead professionals, Derek Cordova & Chandler Schulz.

Our Creed

"We don't believe there's just one way to swing a club...we realize there are an infinite number of ways to swing it. We understand there's one efficient way for golfers to swing the club, solely based on what they can physically do."

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golfDYNAMICS Spotlight

The Technology Leader

The Technology Leader

At golfDYNAMICS, we not only use the latest technology, we have the expertise to harness its benefits, relating it to our students in the most crucial ways to benefit their game.

Online Store Specials

Online Store Specials

Our student-focused programs can be beneficial to all levels of ability. We'll help you pick a program to reach your goals, while giving you the most reasonable pricing in the area.

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A Targeted Approach

Determined by your goals & desires.

Standard Swing Analysis
Video Corrective Lessons
Video Practice Lessons
K-Vest Evaluation
Club fit w/ Foresight Launch Monitor
Mental Technique
On-Course Playing Lessons

Recent News

  • We Accept Trade-ins!

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  • NEW Trackman 4!

    We've just incorporated the most powerful and accurate Launch Monitor ever built. This is the most cutting edge platform, using TWO forms of radar technology for analysis. It doesn't cost $20,000 for nothing...

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